Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Leaving Cayman

As the saying goes "All good thing must come to an end" and so has our time in Cayman. With an incredible new job in Washington DC it was time to move on to new challenges. Our leaving is bitter sweet as we made some amazing friends in Cayman and we really enjoyed our Caribbean adventures. So for now its swimsuits to snowsuits as we continue our journeys and make the move back to the "real world".

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emily Turns Five!

Jen and I cant believe it but our little girl is now 5! Time passes by so quickly. Emily and her friends had a fantastic party at Margaritaville taking turns going down the water slide and swimming in the pool. Good fun, good food and good friends, who could ask for more?

CDE Visits Cayman

When I was home over the summer a friend and former colleague from the California Department of Education informed me she was going to be visiting Cayman on a cruise ship. I am always thrilled to play tour guide and the group had a great time exploring Cayman. We went to stingray city, seven mile beach, and George Town.

Hanging out at the Reef Resort

Jen and I decided to take a mini-vacation out to the eastern side of the island. We spent the night at the Reef Resort and invited all our friends to share in a BBQ and some family fun. We had a great time swimming in the pools and spending time in such an amazing place. R-

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goodbye Gustav, Hello Hanna?

Well, the storm is over and we have come through it dry shod. The sister islands took the brunt of the storm with true hurricane force winds. On Grand Cayman we were treated to tropical storm force winds, a bit of flooding and suprisingly little rain. This was a small storm for us and I am not to sure I want too be around for a big one. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those still in Gustav's path. With the pasing of Gustav we still have Hanna blowing around and what seems to be several systems working thier way torwards us from the coast of Africa, perhaps the storm shutters will stay put for now! R-

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gustav Update

Well, it looks like Gustav has decided to join us for dinner tomorrow night. No worries, we are all stocked up with food and water, plenty of batteries and candles, and Jen has baked cookies! Looks like power and water will be on as long as possible so we will be in contact while we have power. We will keep everyone updated as we can- cell phones may be the best way to keep in contact if the power fails. See everyone on the other side....should have some good pictures and video!

The Millers